Terms and Conditions


These Travel Conditions govern the national and international road passenger transport service provided by the company PINTOUR SCARL, P.I / C.F. 06565461214, with registered office in Pimonte Via Castellammare 18 – 80050 PIMONTE (NA) – tel. & Fax. 081 8792645


If the passenger renounces the transport, he can request a refund via E-mail or via call center. The passenger will be entitled to a refund of 70% of the price paid. The request for reimbursement of the tickets must be communicated at least 48 hours before the departure time. Refund requests received after these deadlines will not be accepted. Reimbursement or re-crediting is not allowed for lost, deteriorated securities, already suspended for date change or time change. The ticket will be reimbursed within three months from the date of receipt of the request. The carrier is not required to reimburse the part of the ticket not used due to the inability to continue the journey by the passenger, due to failure to comply with this by the provisions of the law, or for reasons attributable to the same (for example if not returns to the appointment fixed after the refreshment stop or must get off the bus for personal reasons or health or is made to descend from the crew or authority for harassment or intoxication, etc).


The customer is asked to collaborate with the company for travel safety and the improvement of the quality of service, respecting the provisions in force for access to vehicles and facilities. The users who use the services provided by the Company are obliged to keep a course, for themselves and for others, based on the rules of good education and in any case that they respect the common rules of civil life. On board the bus, the traveler is obliged to respect the instructions given by the driver and accompanying personnel and, in any case, the following general rules:

• prohibition to speak or otherwise distract the driver while driving the bus;

• prohibition to disturb other passengers;

• obligation to occupy only one seat;

• obligation to wear seat belts and any other restraint devices;

• obligation to respect the cleaning of the bus and the equipment therein;

• prohibition to compromise in any way the regularity and safety of the trip and the level of service.

• It is forbidden to smoke inside the bus. Offenders will be prosecuted according to the law.

• The traveling company personnel will not admit on board passengers in evident state of drunkenness or who are disturbed to the regularity of the service, resorting, if necessary, also to the intervention of the Police.

• The passenger must comply with the requests and warnings that the traveling company personnel decided to make to observe for the safety of the journey and passengers, responding civilly in case of non-compliance, if from such non-compliance derives damage to the vehicle owned by the Company or to the other passengers.

• The passenger must use the necessary precautions and ensure the safety and safety of his / her own and of the persons and / or things in his custody.

• The carrier is not liable for damages caused to itself or to other passengers by any behavior of the illicit user or in any case not in accordance with the rules of ordinary diligence.

• The traveling company staff is authorized to remove from the bus (if necessary with the intervention of the Police) the passengers who behave incorrectly or in any case harassing, without anything being able to claim for reimbursement for the route still to be carried out, subject to any recourse for damages caused to the vehicle or service.


Regulation (EC) n. 181/2011 (hereinafter the “regulation”) enters into force on 1 March 2013. It provides for a minimum set of rights for passengers traveling by bus within the European Union. In principle, the regulation applies to “regular services” (in other words services provided with a fixed frequency and on a specific itinerary and where passengers’ boarding or disembarking takes place at pre-established stops).

The following fundamental rights will apply to all regular services, regardless of the expected distance of the service:

• non-discriminatory transport conditions,

• access to the transport of people with disabilities and reduced mobility without additional charges and financial compensation for the loss or damage of equipment that facilitates mobility;

• minimum rules on passenger information before and during the journey, as well as general information on their rights,

• systems for handling complaints accessible to all passengers, specially prepared by the carriers;

• independent national bodies in each Member State responsible for ensuring the application of the regulation and, where appropriate, imposing sanctions. In addition, the following rights apply to regular services where the expected distance is 250 km or more (hereinafter: regular services over long distances):

• compensation and assistance in the event of death, injury, loss or damage resulting from accidents,

• information in case of cancellation of the service or delay at departure,

• right of reimbursement of 70% of the full cost of the ticket or rerouting on an alternative route in case of cancellation or long delay,

• appropriate assistance in case of cancellation or long delay (applicable only if the expected duration of the trip is more than three hours),

• specific assistance without additional charges for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility both in bus stations and in vehicles. However, Member States may, on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis, grant an exemption from these additional rights during purely national regular services for a period of no more than four years, renewable once (for a maximum of eight years). Finally, Member States may in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner grant a derogation to the application of the whole regulation for a period of no more than four years, renewable once (for a maximum of eight years) where a significant part of regular services , which includes at least one stop station, is operated outside the territory of the European Union.


Personal data relating to travelers will be processed by PINTOUR on computer and paper support, in full compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code”, according to principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, for purposes strictly related and functional to the management of the ticket and the provision of the transport service. Travelers are entitled to the rights pursuant to art. 7 D. Lgs 196/2003 that can be exercised by calling the telephone number 0861.1991900 specifying the nature of the request to the operator.

Responsibility of the carrier and the passenger

The responsibility of the carrier covers the physical damage caused to the traveler from the moment of boarding the bus up to the descent, these two actions included, except for damages caused by the traveler’s fault or the special nature of the baggage or its packaging. The carriers do not assume any responsibility for delays or interruptions of service or lack of connections, if derived from causes not attributable to them, such as strikes, bad weather, traffic problems, road practicability, Authority checks, etc. In case of cancellation or delay at departure from the terminus for more than one hundred twenty minutes or in case of acceptance of a number of bookings greater than the available places, the carrier will take one of the following two solutions: 1) continuation or rerouting to the final destination, without additional charges and similar conditions, as indicated in the transport contract, as soon as possible; In case of impossibility to offer a solution, the carrier will refund 50% of the ticket price. This amount will be paid within one month from the submission of the compensation request. When the bus becomes unusable during the journey, the carrier shall ensure or continue the service with another vehicle from the place where the unusable vehicle is located or transport from the place where the unused vehicle is located to a suitable waiting point and / or a station from which the journey can continue. In case of delays of more than 90 minutes, reasonable assistance will be provided to passengers with kinds of comfort depending on the expected waiting times and on the possibility of locating them on the spot; alternatively, the passenger will be indemnified with an amount equal to 50% of the ticket paid, where the delay is attributable to the carrier. In the event of an accident resulting from the use of buses, the carrier shall provide reasonable and proportionate assistance for the immediate practical needs of the passenger following the accident. This assistance, where necessary, includes accommodation, food, clothing, transport and first assistance. The assistance provided does not constitute recognition of responsibility. For each passenger, the carrier can limit the total cost of the accommodation to € 80 per night and for a maximum of two nights. The passenger is obliged to compensate all damages and breakdowns caused to the vehicles, objects and premises used to perform the service.


All passengers are entitled to carry 1 piece of baggage and 1 hold baggage free of charge. The on-board staff will be happy to assist you in arranging your baggage in the appropriate compartment. In order to make this operation quick and easy we ask you to read the following information:

• hand baggage (max size 42x30x18 cm, max weight 5kg) – guarded by the passenger himself

• hold baggage (max 80x50x30 cm, max weight 20kg).

We recommend that you first affix a personal identification label with your name, surname and address on the baggage to make it easier to recover your luggage from the luggage compartment.


• For safety reasons it is important to store the carry-on baggage in such a way as not to obstruct the exit ways (use the luggage racks or the space under the seat).

• All baggage must be equipped with a Marozzi identification slip (provided in the agency or by the ship’s personnel in the case of securities purchased online)

Additional baggage

Within the limits of space availability, each passenger can carry a second additional hold baggage. The latter must not exceed the permitted dimensions of hold baggage and must not weigh more than 20 kg. The transport of this additional baggage (if possible for the trip in question) foresees a cost of € 5.50 to be regularized with the crew on board before the departure of the vehicle. The baggage will be marked with a green band provided by the service staff.


The staff of PINTOUR, polite and professional, is always available to answer all your travel needs. If for various reasons I could not make the purchase of the ticket in advance, it is possible to remedy the problem by buying the ticket directly on board simply by contacting the service staff.

It is good to remember, however, that this choice could expose you to the risk of not finding places available for full filling of the vehicle.